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We Serve to Help Others… with Courage and Talent to Succeed!

President’s Message... by King Lion Dick

July 1, 2016 Greetings all... and Welcome to the 2016-2017 Lions Year! It is indeed an honor to once again serve as your President and King Lion. Lion Donna and I expect a very busy and productive Fenwick Island Lions Year, with your help, of course! My special thanks to the many in our Club who have helped; especially to IPP Bruce and Lion Sharon for all they have accomplished and their unwavering support for our Club. And also to the many Members who "re-upped" as Board Members as well as those who assumed responsibilities as Committee Chair to help manage the extensive list of Committee's we use to oversee the activities of our very busy Club. The theme I've adopted for this Lions Year is... "We Serve to Help Others... with Courage and Talent to Succeed". We have a lot on our "proverbial plate" as you may surmised from the extensive list of our 2016-2017 Committee assignments shown below. These Committees encompass the many service projects and fundraisers which support a very large portion of our services to our charitable community. We have always had a blessing of many charitable service opportunities, mostly exceeding our ability to fund or service. This is a fact of "Lionism" in general. To accomplish our objectives, as defined by our Board of Directors, will require our full attention to the tenets of our club, including our new theme, however flawed it may be. Three important items leap to mind to help sustain our Club and to make this a great Club year. So as we go forward, we'll emphasize membership growth, strive to maintain our current strong list of activities and services, and polish our fundraising efforts. Do these things well and I believe we come out better for the effort! Additionally, we live in a bigger Lions world, sometimes stated as "Lionism", to me this reflects an important tenet of Lions everywhere, that we help others outside our immediate Club and Community of service. However, practicality applies at all times. For example, this is one of the reasons I am on the District 22 D Cabinet as their webmaster. Others in our Club have obviously done more for our Club at the District, Region and Zone levels and our Board of Directors always fields opportunities each and every Lions Year! We should always maintain our excellent ties to this "Lionism" community. Our District Governor this Lions Year is DG Glenn Williams, a great guy and a great Lion! His main theme is "Believe in the power of Service". His request to us is: "Let’s work together to grow this district!  To our members: with your help I believe we can successfully respond to DG Glenn in very real and practical ways, while helping our Club as well. In helping DG Glenn and "Lionism" we will chose to remain consistent with our real life experiences as we encounter all opportunities this Lions Year. Be mindful, however, membership growth is always front and center with our Club and the District as well and is a big deal! It also directly helps our charitable funding efforts! Lastly, remember communication is a two way street so communicate, communicate and finally when all is exhausted communicate some more! The greater understanding our Lions possess or "the more they know the further we "go". Donna and I look forward to having some soul filling fun every step of the way with every last one of you! Salutations and see you down the road to a great Lions Year! Yours in Lionism, Dick Waughtal & Lion Donna
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We Serve… to Help Others,