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2015 Club Scholarship Awards...

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Club Scholarship Awards!
Fenwick Island Lions Club Awards $9,000 in Scholarships to Indian River High School Seniors At   the   April   board   meeting,   the   Fenwick   Island   Lions   Club   voted   unanimously   to   award   $9,000   in   scholarships   to Indian   River   High   School   seniors.      Six   scholarships   were   awarded—a   $4,000   scholarship   named   in   honor   of   the long   serving   chairman   of   the   Scholarship   Committee—John   Furlow,   a   $1,000   scholarship   in   the   name   of   the   Club’s founder   Noble   Simpson,   plus   two   additional   $1,000   scholarships.      In   addition   and   thanks   to   the   generosity   of   family members   of   former   club   members,   the   club   was   able   to   award   two   more   1,000   scholarships—the   Ce   &   Skip Higgins Memorial Scholarship and the Cly Rankin Memorial Scholarship. This    year    the    club    received    nine    applications    from    Indian    River    High    School    seniors    and    on   April    29 th     the Scholarship   Committee,   consisting   of   John   Furlow,   Bob   Pretty,   Bruce   and   Sharon   Schoonover   and   Judd   Bennett, met   with   the   applicants.      In   awarding   the   scholarships,   the   committee   considered   academic   standing,   financial need,    community    service    involvement,    extracurricular    activities    and    the    applicant’s    ability    to    communicate.      Commenting   on   the   process,   Club   president   Bruce   Schoonover   said   “It   is   always   a   difficult   job   to   select   the   winners and   I   only   wish   that   our   club   could   do   more.     All   of   us   were   truly   impressed   with   every   one   of   the   applicants—their academic achievements, and how well rounded and personable they were.”   The   Past   President   of   the   Club,   Jean   Bertram   and   Scholarship   Committee   chair,   John   Furlow presented   winners   of   the   club’s   awards   at   the   traditional   Indian   River   High   School   Awards Ceremony on Wednesday May 20 th   Receiving the $4,000 John Furlow Scholarship was Alexandra Long, daughter of Stacey Goodman and Steven Long of Dagsboro.  She will enter Salisbury University this fall as an education major with her career goal of becoming a teacher. Sarah   Buchler ,   daughter   of   Carol   and   Brett   Buchler   of   Frankford, was   awarded   the   $1,000   Noble   Simpson   Scholarship.       Sarah,   who had      the      distinction      of      being      number      one      academically      in      her      class      for three   years   running,   will   attend   University   of   Delaware   where   she   will pursue her unbridled interest, love and enthusiasm for teaching. Alison    Jennings,    daughter    of    Patricia    and    Doug    Jennings    of Dagsboro,   has   received   $1,000   Ce   &   Skip   Higgins   Scholarship and   will   attend   the   University   of   Pittsburgh,   where   she   will   pursue   her life-long interest in biology, with an emphasis on environmental science. Sean   Whelen,   son   of   Mary   Ellen   and   Jeff   Whelen   of   Ocean   View, was   awarded   the   $ 1,000   Cly   Rankin   Scholarship    and   this   fall   he   will   begin   his   studies   at Wesley    College,    where    he    will    pursue    his    interest    in    sports    medicine    with    a    goal    of ultimately opening his own business. Amber   Watson,   daughter   of   Christine   Houston   and   Ryan   Watson   of Dagsboro,   was   awarded   a   $1,000   Scholarship.   Amber   will   also   be   attending   Wesley   College with a career goal in the medical field as a registered nurse, working in the OR or ER . Finally,    Margaret   Allison,   daughter   of   Kimberly   and   James   Allison   of Frankford,   received   a   $1000   Scholarship .   Maggie,   will   attend   Towson University    in    the    fall    where    she    will    pursue    her    interest    in    speech pathology   and   audiology.      She   has   a   desire   to   ultimately   put   her   studies   to   use   here   in   Sussex County.
Founder & Long Time Co-Chair of the Scholarship Committee Lion John Furlow
Lion John and Presenter Committee Members PP Jean Bertram & Lion Tamer Debbie Moreland await their turn
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